Volunteer Opportunities

_____ Corner Guards: These volunteers are posted at each street intersection to help keep parade attendees off the streets and prevent encroachment on the route. There will be 3 to 4 at each intersection along the parade route.

_____ Staging: There will be two volunteers on each block where the parade entries are lining up prior to the pa.rade. They will move the entries along so they enter the parade procession at the correct time. They may also walk along with the parade to help keep the speed accurate and help with crowd control.

_____ Set-up: These volunteers will help the afternoon before the parade with pounding the number stakes along the staging blocks and may also help the police/city works with no parking signs and barricades.

_____ Tear-down: These volunteers will help to take down barricades and other signage from staging and parade route.

_____ Trash pick-up: These volunteers will pick up trash left by parade attendees, bag it and take to dumpsters. Will also help collect bags of trash or whatever is left from the Circus Celebration.

_____ Banner Carriers: These volunteers will have a set place in the parade to help carry the sponsor banners – 2/ banner is ideal.

Please return completed forms by email to memberrelations@baraboochamber.com or by mail to:
Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 442
Baraboo WI 53913

Volunteer Registration

Please check the areas you are interested in volunteering for:
I have read this information sheet and agree to abide by guidelines set forth by the Big Top Parade Committee. I agree to assume full liability for any injury or loss to me, my property and anyone associated with my entry, and from any cause whatsoever while participating in the parade. I expressly release the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce, and any of its representatives or partners, from any liability whatsoever for any loss or injury.
Volunteers under 18 yrs. need a parent or guardian signature.