Float & Parade Entry Application

All floats and parade entries must be circus-themed, or fit the annual parade theme. Our Celebrity Judges will choose the best parade entries in three categories: Commercial, Nonprofit and Overall. Each winner will receive a trophy provided by Supreme Awards.

Commercial ($75 entry fee) _____ Nonprofit (no fee) ____ Youth (no fee)

  • NOTE: NO ITEMS (candy, flyers, coupons) may be distributed by parade entries along the route during the parade. No political propaganda or advocacy is allowed. No smoke effects or explosions are allowed.
  • Parade officials will inspect all entries and reserve the right to eliminate any entry in violation of these rules.
  • Cover all open wheels for safety.
  • Portable generators must be mounted securely with adequate clearance separating the generator from combusti.ble materials. A fire extinguisher should be kept nearby.
  • The parade will begin at the corner of Broadway and Sixth Avenue, and will end at the corner of Birth Street and Third Avenue. Entries may not exit the route prior to the parade’s end. Changes in the parade lineup will be made at the discretion of parade officials on the day of the event.
  • No alcohol is allowed.

Applications will not be accepted after May 1. All entries are subject to approval by the Big Top Parade Committee.
Please return completed forms by email to memberrelations@baraboochamber.com or by mail to:
Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 442
Baraboo WI 53913

Float & Parade Entry Application

I have read this information sheet and agree to abide by guidelines set forth by the Big Top Parade Committee. I agree to assume full liability for any injury or loss to me, my property and anyone associated with my entry, and from any cause whatsoever while participating in the parade. I expressly release the Baraboo Area Chamber of Commerce, and any of its representatives or partners, from any liability whatsoever for any loss or injury.