Parade Guidelines & Safety Rules

  2. No items may be thrown from any parade entry for safety reasons. Entrants are allowed to provide walkers alongside the entry to hand out candy, coupons or flyers. Violation of this policy will prohibit participation in any future parade.
  3. Parade officials will inspect all entries and reserve the right to eliminate any entry that is in violation of these rules.
  4. The Big Top Parade will begin at the corner of Broadway and 6th Avenue and will end at the corner of Birch Street and 3rd Avenue.
  5. Once your entry has started along the parade route, no additional persons may board your float.
  6. Your entry may not exit the parade route prior to the end of the parade.
  7. No alcohol is allowed.
  8. NO political or advocacy propaganda is allowed. Violation of this policy will prohibit participation in future Big Top Parades.
  9. Cover ALL open wheels for safety.
  10. Portable generators should be mounted securely with adequate clearance separating any part of the generator from combustible fabrics or decorating materials.
  11. It is recommended that one fire extinguisher be located near each generator.
  12. All entries must have clear signage.
  13. Changes in parade line-up the day of the parade will be at the sole discretion of the parade officials.
Parade Guidlines & Safety Rules